Green Woodworking (old style)

This green wood working takes you back centuries where only hand tools were available.  It is 100% eco-friendly as no power tools are used.

Green wood craft uses freshly felled wood and only traditional hand tools .

Tom Campbell is a highly skilled master craftsman with more than 40 years experience of wood turning and cabinetmaking. His work is highly sought-after and he receives commissions for country houses.

Fresh green wood contains high levels of sap. The softness of the word makes it easy to work with hand tools and there is very little waste.

Tom Campbell guides you through splitting and preparing wood for turning with the use of hand tools. You will get to use a draw knife and a shaving horse . The joy and sense of achievement of wood turning with a pole lathe where are you are in charge of the speed and action at all times is unbelievable.  For many, this is the perfect learning tool as there is no danger of the lathe snapping a chisel out of your hand. The opportunity to achieve the rhythm and feel makes using a pole lathe an incredibly unique experience. This method has been used for centuries and gives the user an incredibly satisfying experience .

Tom has a wealth of knowledge and during sessions there is plenty of time for discussion. Tom will show you how to construct a saw horse and if you sign up for several sessions you will have the  opportunity to construct your own pole lathe.

Tom is now available by appointment for three hour sessions to guide participants in the art of wood turning on a pole lathe.  His patience and dedication helps everyone from complete beginners to professional wood-turners . With 3 pole lathes Tom can cater for up to a maximum of 3 participants turning at the same time with 3 others taking turns to observe or assist.

Session 3 hours.   10.00 am – 1.00pm or 2.00 – 5.00 pm.  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Light refreshments are included. (Tea/coffee/sandwiches)

£126 for 3 hours (max of 6 persons).

£96 for 3 hours for maximum of 3 people.

Sessions for individuals are also available.

Clothing  – Work clothes. Masks will be provided

Location. Garvan Road, Sion Mills

10 % Discount  is available to guests staying at Finn Valley Cottages. (2 or 3 consecutive full or half day sessions can be arranged)

To book  please send  email to : or telephone Anne on 07720 452161